Being a contractor for most of my career,

it's been hard to build continuity with my work. Scheduling time off can also be a hassle. Finding time to write open source technology while contracting is a matter of scheduling time in to ship something original. I've developed a method that allows me to checkout most of my brain power for repeat customer requests that involves deploying to a server in the cloud.

Getting docker up and running is easier than ever, thank you (Docker Company)[] for creating Docker Compose, a light weight service that will take a yaml file of your choosing and install extensible services without much problem. If you're creative enough, you can install a docker repository that'll distribute images to a cluster of machines. In this tutorial, lets cover a docker file used that manage a single service. Installing Grafana for container statistics, PostgreSQL and Redis to support Grafana; Prometheus(by Soundcloud) and cadvisor(by Google) for collecting the metrics from the `docker-compose` cluster.

This blog is open source, and all solutions put forth are intended to be working in an _as is_ state, if you experience an error. Please open an issue on (Github)[ and I'll fix the discrepancy ]