Mr. Curtin has successfully transitioned into MLOps. With a long history in Product Development, he has developed communication and methodologies which have proven useful in small & large teams. He's looking for a leadership role in his next position.

Growth Mindset, focused on improving team and self together. Mindful, present in the moment. Empathetic Listener, available to talk thought ideas both tech and non-tech. Non-Judgemental, available to ask the hard and easy questions. Diligent, to refine process. Focused, on what matters. Reliable, with consistent approach. Resilient, always ready for feedback.

SmallSat Design

Currently Researching, please feel welcome to ask me about this.

  • CubeSat Platform
  • Command and Data Handling
  • Supply Chain



EDI, Supply Chain, Finance, D365

D365 OData provides the Database; Python & Go(Lang) used to integrate Purchase Order submissions into D365. A Web-Portal provided to Customers, with the ability to create a Purchase Order and Submit. The Purchase Order turns into a Sales Order inside D365 and in turn our Customer Service team inspects and approves it. Eventurally turning the Sales Order into an Invoice which is sent back to the Customer who created the Purchase Order via the intgration.

MLOps & Cloud DB

Using offline batch processing, a datastore is available to Data Scientists. Using Jupyter Notebooks or other scripts with authorization, data is made available to the Scientist to Experiment. The Jupyter Notebook or script is provided to an Engineer and the engineer takes the algorithm and puts it into production. Iteration is slow, the main focus of the collaboration revolves around communicating with the Data Scientist developing the algorithm. As data is requested to be added to a Data Lake, access to that Data Lake is activly productized and embedded into production. Providing a seemlees deployment into production, with out Pythonic or RESTful API breaking between systems.

  • Linear Regression
    • scikit-learn
  • Logistic Regression
    • scikit-learn
  • LSTM Time Series Forcasting
    • Tensor Flow
    • Keras
  • Word Embeddings
    • Tensor Flow
  • Named Entity Recognition
    • spaCy


  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)
  • AWS Certified Solution Architect
    • eksctl, boto3, PowerShell
  • Google Cloud Platform
    • gcloud, Kubernetes, G-App Engine
  • Microsoft Azure
    • bash, PowerShell

Product Development

Over 10 years of Product Development experience, including Javascript Frameworks such as AngularJS, VueJS, JQuery, SenchaJS, Scriptaculous, and Underscore. Backend Frameworks such as Flask, Django, and Pylons.

Working for large brands such as National Geographic, PBS, and The Washington Post, I've made successful and meaningful contributations to production systems. Learning from, and teaching others as I go, I've found that the best tool to encourage ownership and leadership skills, is collaboration through iteration.

Game Development

In my pursuit to learn Rust, I found a Game Engine called Bevy. A modest Game Engine with huge potential. From zero understanding of Rust and 3d grahics, while reading code to understand the engine. Produceing a rendering of Chess.